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Genesis Christian Academy is a K-12 tuition-free Christian school located in Seguin, Texas, an hour away from Austin and San Antonio. We are a small school located on a 100+ acre ranch on the Guadalupe River. Genesis Christian Academy is the result of a God inspired commitment to educate well-rounded Christian leaders of tomorrow, who understand and embrace values such as excellence, integrity, and accountability. Our first US school was located on a farm in a rural area just outside of Washington, DC. The church still owns the East Coast farm, and envisions being able to have students from Seguin travel to our Washington, DC campus to become familiar with our national government and the vast array of cultural offerings in the area.


Our tuition-free policy is predicated on the belief that access to Christian education, like access to worship in Christian churches, should be available to all who desire this, rather than just an elite cadre who can afford to buy education. Tuition-free does not mean that parents and families relinquish the responsibility of contributing the success of their children’s education. We believe every child's family has something to contribute to our school community whether it be labor or materials, fundraising, or actual monetary contribution. Our commitment to tuition-free education is based on the model of the early Christian church in Acts 4, where everyone contributed what they had, and the community prospered.

The Genesis Method works for all students. Our educational methodology is effective for both talented and gifted students and underachieving students. We admit students based on their learning potential, not their previous academic performance. Accordingly, we have some students who have a strong record of academic achievement and others who, for a variety of reasons, have been categorized “at risk”. Our years of success in educating students have proven that all of these students excel when immersed in an atmosphere of discipline, accountability, and stimulating teaching.


Our curriculum is ideologically based and Christ-centered. Our curriculum is academically rigorous and interdisciplinary in approach. It is designed to provide a holistic, globally oriented education that emphasizes self-determination, social conscience, and community service, in a Christian context. In addition to focusing on people, processes and events, our curriculum is ideological in focus--it engages students in the first grade up in the process of using intellectual tools to understand and question the ideas and assumptions upon which knowledge is based, in light of Biblical principles.  The Academy does not promote the dogma of any particular denomination.


We operate in partnership with families, so that principles and values being taught in school will be reinforced at home. Parents/families of Genesis Academy students covenant with GCA to uphold Christian lifestyle values, in order to create a home environment that reinforces the teachings of the Academy. For example, parents will be required to abstain from the use of profanity, to agree to have daily family prayer, and to support the school's efforts and activities through participation and volunteerism. In short, it is the goal of Genesis Academy to form a supportive community which includes students, parents/family, faculty, staff, and administrators.

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